Compoform welcomes you in the future.

What if the panels you use could become stronger, lighter, more durable, guaranteed 100% recyclable and more cost efficient? You just met the remarkable assets of the Compoform composite deck!

economic – ergonomic – ecologic

The Compoform composite panel is a reliable, high strength board, made of glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite, with an ultra-light honeycomb core.

It has an high-tech engineered product design, not depending on natural products with their inherent imperfections and therefore a perfect alternative for wood and metal.

The Compoform established technology distinguishes from other materials in weight, durability, versatility, recyclability and cost efficiency.

The Compoform decks have proven themselves tenacious in different harsh conditions over the past years. They are individually checked, fully certified, traceable and guaranteed for years to last.

Compoform is a reliable European manufacturer. The production process is Netherlands based and fully integrated from raw material to finished product and even recirculation.

The Compoform panels have many unique features, some of the most important are:

  • STRENGTH exceptionally strong, impact resistant, rigid and extremely resilient to physical stressing and damage

  • WEIGHT up to 65% lighter than plywood

  • STIFFNESS accessible span length up to 6 meters without support

  • MOIST, FROST AND UV RESISTANT can be put to use in a temperature range of –40° to +80° Celsius

  • WATERPROOF impervious, resistant to salt-water, even when the surface is damaged

  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE high resistance against oils, most acids and detergents

  • NO DELAMINATION, ROT OR RUST high-tech engineered design not depending on natural products, no adhesives used in production

  • ECOFRIENDLY 100% recyclable monomaterial without additives

  • RELIABLE individually checked, fully traceable, no maintenance needed

  • EASY TO FORM, JOIN AND ASSEMBLE Panels can easily be joined by traditional hardware and plastic-welding