Scaffolding is a heavy job, where tons of materials are moved every day. Light weighting your inventory works positive in many ways. It improves labour conditions, saves cost, enables faster installation and dismantling. The Comfodeck ables you to save 5 to 8 kilos per deck (for 2 to 3 meter units). It helps your crew to work safer, fitter and faster. Light scaffolding solutions save on transport costs, enabling some 10% more equipment per movement.

The Comfodeck has proven itself in the harsh building & construction conditions over the last years and is used to full satisfaction by all leading scaffolding brands. Its robust construction, unaffected by moist or frost, avoids the hassle of exchanging the scaffolding decks every few years, reducing maintenance costs, non-functional inventory as well as unnecessary consumption and waste of conventional plywood.
The Comfodeck is designed to fit the standard frames but can also be produced to your specific dimensions. It comes with a black anti-slip top layer and a smooth black or white backing. Other colours as well as dimensions are available upon request. The Comfodeck panels are tested according ISO844 and ASTM C393 and certified in accordance with NEN-EN12811.

  • Robust anti-slip top layer
  • Strong, lightweight and long lifetime
  • Certified, proven reliability in real use over years and years
  • Proven cost reduction
  • Recirculation option after operational lifetime
  • Unique production process, no delamination
  • Established supplier of international premium brands


Transportation makes the world go around. Lightweighting vehicles and trailers is one of the key levers reducing the transportation industry’s footprint on our planet. It works positive in many ways. Improving payload, fuel efficiency and labour conditions help to make this a better world.

The Compoform lightweight panel is a reliable, high strength board, made of continuous glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite with an ultra-light honeycomb core. It is an engineered product design, giving lots of freedom in build-up, depending the mechanical, aesthetical and commercial requirements.

Increase payload up to 30% by using the Compoform light-weight truck floor. Compoform floors are especially designed for light (urban) delivery trucks. The Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment becomes more attractive, but also competitive, mainly cost driven. We can make a difference with Compoform lightweight floors providing higher payloads and better fuel efficiency.

  • cost-effective per m2
  • Suitable for heavy load
  • resistance to moist, frost and alkaline
  • antiskid surface
  • small ecological footprint
  • Hand pallet truck suitable
  • long lifetime
  • 100% recyclable

Compoform panels suit not only LCV floors. Busses, trailers, Electric cars, golf carts, delivery bicycles, foodtrucks and motorized tricycles are some of the vehicles equipped with Compoform panels. Battery boxes, flooring, cargo boxes, trailer bodies, side- and roof panels are some of the applications fabricators use our panels for. The possibilities using the light, stiff and strong characteristics of our panels are endless.


The Compoform composite deck is a reliable, high strength board, made of glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite, with an ultra-light honeycomb core.
The Compoform established technology distinguishes from other materials in weight, durability, versatility, recyclability and cost efficiency.
The Compoform decks have proven themselves tenacious in different harsh conditions over the past years, are individually checked, traceable and guaranteed for years to last.
Smart product designers and fabricators have used the Compoform panels in applications such as:

  • Temporary floor
  • Hurricane protection
  • Festival stage
  • Flooding protection wall
  • Wheelchair ramp
  • Gangway
  • Temporary parking garage floor
  • Mobile unit
  • Sound barrier
  • Industrial construction

The Compoform panels have many unique features, some of the most important are:

  • STRENGTH exceptionally strong, impact resistant, rigid and extremely resilient to physical stressing and damage

  • WEIGHT up to 65% lighter than plywood

  • STIFFNESS accessible span length up to 6 meters without support

  • MOIST, FROST AND UV RESISTANT can be put to use in a temperature range of –40° to +80° Celsius

  • WATERPROOF impervious, resistant to salt-water, even when the surface is damaged

  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE high resistance against oils, most acids and detergents

  • NO DELAMINATION, ROT OR RUST high-tech engineered design not depending on natural products, no adhesives used in production

  • ECOFRIENDLY 100% recyclable monomaterial without additives

  • RELIABLE individually checked, fully traceable, no maintenance needed

  • EASY TO FORM, JOIN AND ASSEMBLE Panels can easily be joined by traditional hardware and plastic-welding